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Filback Carpet Backing

The latest technology machineries from Switczerland and Germany which makes the production of FILBACK has possibility of a production for European and Middle East Customers up to 5.40 m width besides of 2.12m - 4.12m - 4.15m - 4.16m - 4.18m - 5.12m - 5.15m - 5.18m standard widths with different construction and colors as Tan Tan TanBlack, Black. For USA customers FILBACK has possibility of a production 152", 168", 186" and also customer oriented special widths up to 212". FILPA's main colors are Beige, Chacoral, Black and main types are 11 pics, 13 pics, 15 pics, 16.5 pics and 18 pics both regular and light weights for US market.

FILBACK is offering main advantages to the carpet produces as optimal roll length and diameter options, single and double fibrillation alternatives which prevents the needle deflections.

What is Primary Carpet Backing?

Primary Carpet Backing is the first entry of wall carpets, residential carpets, commercial carpets, artificial grass and bath rugs; proper for all indoor and outdoor applications which forms a structural element of the tufted carpets.

Primary Carpet Backing is extremely important for the carpet producers as it directly effects the tufting, shape and structural stability which are important factors of the quality of tufted carpets.

ABCO which follows the trends are and demand of the sector closely, has brought into the Turkish industry a big investment with the knowledge of the sensivity of the carpet customers.